Question: How Many Pages Does An HP XL Cartridge Print?

220 pages

How many pages does HP XL ink print?

Get top quality prints with cartridges designed and tested with high standards.Print up to twice as many pages with Original HP high-yield ink cartridges. HP 64 ink will deliver top quality photos or documents.

How many pages does an HP 63 XL cartridge print?

190 pages

What’s the difference between XL and regular HP ink cartridges?

The key difference between the two is the amount of ink which is contained within, and therefore, the number of pages which can be printed before changing the cartridge. The standard capacity HP 302 colour cartridge contains 4ml of ink, with the HP 302XL colour cartridge containing 8ml.

Will HP XL ink fit my printer?

Installation: Higher yield cartridges fit in the same slot as standard size cartridges. Your printer should be compatible with all sizes of your printer’s cartridge. For instance, HP printers that use the HP 62 should also be able to use the HP 62XL.