Quick Answer: How Long Do Toner Cartridges Last?

about two years

How long does a laser toner cartridge last?

How long does printer ink / toner last? If your wondering how long before ink or toner cartridges expire – Ink cartridges are manufactured with a 2 year expiry date. When you get close to two years, the ink sponge inside the cartridge starts to dry up. You can still use the cartridge but won’t get optimum results.

Can toner cartridges go bad?

The good news is that toner cartridges can be stored for long periods of time without going bad. Toner cartridges do not last forever, and neither do they store well after one year. The cheap toner in the cartridge is a fine powder that the printer binds to paper using heat.

How long do Brother toner cartridges last?

What is the shelf life of the toner cartridges? The toner cartridge shelf life is 2 years if the protective bag is unopened or 6 months after the protective bag is opened. Brother strongly recommends that customers use only genuine Brother drum units and/or toner cartridges.

How many pages can a toner cartridge print?

A cartridge with a 4000 page yield, for example, will run out of ink or toner at around 800 pages when used to print full pages of text and graphics with a high percentage of ink or toner coverage. To find out how many pages your cartridge will print, scroll down to the specifications table on one of our product pages.