Quick Answer: Can I Upload Photos From Google Photos To Shutterfly?

Importing Google images to Shutterfly Products/Prints:

From the left, choose Google as your source.

Connect to your Google Photos account.

Once logged in, choose the photos from your Google account you wish to use/print.

Click the orange “Add” button on the bottom right to add these images to your project.19 Oct 2018

Can I print pictures from Google Photos?

While the Google Photos service has most of the features Google+ and Picasa did, it does not support ordering prints online. To order prints of your photos, you’ll need to download them from Google Photos, then send them to the printing service of your choice.27 May 2019

How do I upload photos from camera to Google Photos?

Save photos from your device, camera, or storage card to your Google Photos library.

To turn on Backup and Sync for Google Photos:

  • On your computer, open Backup and Sync .
  • Click More Preferences.
  • Turn on Upload newly added photos and videos to Google Photos.

Can you upload photos from Amazon photos to Shutterfly?

Shutterfly is an online photo storage, sharing and printing site. You can use your digital photos to create photo books or share trip photos with people on social media and email. In order to use the site, you need to transfer your existing photos using your computer, smart phone or tablet.

What photos are supported by Shutterfly?

Shutterfly only accepts JPG/JPEG file formats. We do not accept .tif or .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .png, .psd, .pdf or any other file formats. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you use high-resolution photos, as low-resolution photos will not print well at standard sizes.26 Jul 2018